The Souvenir brand’s exploration of femininity has discovered a new muse in Francesca Sofia Novello, who brings her unique charm to our latest Capsule collection, dedicated to ceremonial wear.

With her distinctive style, Francesca embodies a modern, sensual, strong, and charismatic figure. She represents the ideal Souvenir woman — one who knows how to radiate from within, understanding that true elegance is rooted in inner harmony.

Our Ceremony Capsule collection shines for its  refined aesthetic; the design philosophy is to simplify to add, to subtract to enhance. Luxurious fabrics gleam and play with the body’s forms, creating a perfect blend of grace and softness. The colors are essential, pure, evoking the four elements: Fire, Air, Earth, and Water.

Inspired by contemporary trends, our diverse range of designs features deconstructed jackets, precious lurex, and waves of soft fabric. They simultaneously convey modern flair and timeless elegance: just like the marvelous Francesca, with whom we are delighted to collaborate.